Ich bin ein Mensch

„Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto“ (Heaut., 77)
„Ich bin ein Mensch, nichts Menschliches ist mir fremd.“

Terenz (* zwischen 195 und 184 v. Chr. in Karthago; † 159 oder 158 v. Chr. in Griechenland)

Dr. Maya Angelou – I Am Human

If I think of my life as a class and what I’ve really learned
I’ve learned a few things

first I am aware that I’m a child of God
it’s such an amazing understanding to think that the It
which made flees and mountains and rivers and stars made me
what I pray for is humility
to know that there’s something greater than I

then I have to know that the brute the bigot and the batterer
are all children of God
whether they know it or not
and I’m supposed to treat them accordingly
and it’s hard and I blow it all the time

I’d like everybody to think of a statement by Terrence
the statement is
I am a human being
nothing human can be alien to me

if you can internalize the least portion of that
you will never be able to say other of an act a criminal act
or I couldn’t do that
no matter how heinous a crime
if a human being did it
we have to say
I have in me all the components
they are in her or in him

I intend to use my energies constructively
as opposed to destructively
if you can do that about the negative
just think what you can do about the positive

if a human being dreams a great dream
dares to love somebody
if a human being dares to be Martin L King
or Mahatma Gandhi
or mother Teresa
or Malcolm X
if a human being dares to be bigger
than the condition in which she or he was born
it means so can you
and so you can try to stretch stretch stretch yourself

so you can internalize
Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto
I am a human being
nothing human can be alien to me
that’s one thing I’m learning

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